All Ireland Act of Reparation

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In the last three weeks since Black Friday, May 25th, we, who mourn have been looking ahead and asking “What next?”

Those promoting a culture of death have no such question. First thing Monday morning: abortion for Northern Ireland, euthanasia, attacks on Catholic schools and Catholic hospitals, blasphemy and much more….

For us “What next?” must always have the same answer, the answer of Our Blessed Mother, “Do whatever He tells you.”

So what does Jesus tell us about saving Ireland?

"If my people who bear my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my presence and turn from their wicked ways, I myself will hear from heaven and forgive their sins and restore their land." (2 Chron. 7v14)

Why Repentance and Reparation?

Repentance and Reparation is a necessary step to reform and renewal.

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There was a time that Ireland, the land of Saints and Scholars, reflected the light of Christ brightly to the rest of the world. However this is no longer the case. The South of Ireland has become a poster child of the progressive darkness, and the light that is the North flickers in its struggle to stay lit.

In the hope and confidence that Ireland will once more be a beacon of faith, we embarked on a journey/pilgrimage of restoration last year


Cathedrals and churches opened their doors to welcome Our Lady of Fatima in her pilgrim images, heard her message of devotion to her Immaculate Heart, conversion, penance, reparation and the daily rosary to restore peace in the world and save souls. Our Lady’s national pilgrimage culminated in the consecration of Ireland to Mary’s Immaculate Heart by the successor of St Patrick, Archbishop Eamon Martin on the hundredth anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun. Since then many parishes have renewed their First Saturday devotions.

Following this, thousands of faithful took part in 33 days of preparation to make a consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, placing themselves, all they have and all they do in the Heart of Mary.

During this consecration, On the Feast of Christ the King, we went in great numbers, supported by prayers from all over Ireland and the world, to the coasts of Ireland for the Rosary on the Coasts for Life and Faith. Mary Our Queen always brings us to the throne of Our King, so that day we also renewed Ireland’s consecration to Christ the King.

We finished by surrounding His kingdom of Ireland with Miraculous Medals as a hedge of protection.

Facing into a life and death struggle with the Culture of Death, from the beginning of Lent, the full weight of Our Lord’s sacrifice for mankind was invoked, as many Holy Masses were celebrated for the protection of life on each of the 100 days leading up to the abortion referendum.

In the month of St Joseph and St Patrick many faithful braved the snow and freezing winds to go to mass rocks and monastic sites to enlist the aid of the Chaste Heart of St Joseph, protector of the Church and the Family, St Patrick and the Irish Saints and Holy Souls, their angels and ours, and especially the guardian angel of Ireland, to join with us in this battle.

This penitential communion with our saints continued on Croagh Patrick for 40 Days and Nights of Eucharistic Adoration.

Through this time, novenas of daily rosaries and Eucharistic Adoration, here and around the world, gave light and direction to this national pilgrimage, keeping it on sure ground. As the battle for Life and Faith intensified, we began to embrace the call to fasting and penance incorporating regular fasting and the penance of the active work of canvassing, postering, etc

For many of us on this pilgrimage, the result of the referendum was a shock. Hadn’t we prayed and worked? What else was required?


The journey from Egypt to the Promised Land should have been a walk of less than a fortnight. It took 40 years because it was not about physical distance, it was about spiritual distance.

Centuries spent in Egypt had planted idolatry, slavery and rivalry deep in the hearts of the chosen people. Even still in their misery they called out to the God of their ancestors. God heard their cry and raised up a leader, Moses. He, in God’s time, called them forth as a people once again and led them out of Egypt.

But God had a greater gift for His people, a land flowing with milk and honey, a land where they would worship Him in freedom. But they were not ready to receive this gift. To give them this gift now would be to squander it. It would take 40 hard and humbling years to shed the grumbling mentality of slavery and the idolatry of their masters, 40 years of formation before they had developed the obedience, trust and love of God to live in freedom in the land of their ancestors, that they had left so long ago.

This ferocious onslaught of the culture of death in Ireland has brought forth something that had been largely lost, it brought forth an identifiable praying Irish people. The Irish people here and their supporters around the world prayed, fasted, pleading to the God of their ancestors.

God has heard our prayer and we like the Israelites are ready for the next stage of the journey.

To the extent that we in Ireland have embraced anything in the culture that is not of God, we have a road to travel, that is the pilgrimage we are NOW on. Like Israel we have identified the destination, protection for Life and renewal of Faith, but we still, as a people, must recover from our years of slavery to sin and learn what it means to be God’s people again. We have much to do, reinstating reverence in our churches, real Catholic education in our schools, morals in our family lives, truth in our study and discourse…. and like the Israelites, embrace the Ten Commandments in our dealings with society.

But the initial blockage to necessary reform for us as for the wandering Israelites, is a failure to recognise, apologise and repair for our current and past sins individually and as a nation.

Like the first steps of a twelve step program, clearing the obstacle of the sins of Ireland clears the way for the spiritual growth of the island and its people. The work of repentance, conversion, and reparation begun on Croagh Patrick and in local observance of first Fridays and Saturdays must undertaken next.

The call to this narrow but necessary next stage of the pilgrimage to freedom and peace is Our Lady’s message of July 1917, Pope Benedict XVI’s message to us in 2010, it is a message that surfaces in books like Frances Hogan’s, “Path to Healing a Nation”. It is the unavoidable way of purgation which we either accept voluntarily and engage in or we resist and further languish in the current malignant situation.

This is why we are encouraging a 40 Days of Reparation for Life and Faith, culminating in an an Act of Reparation in Knock on Sunday July 8th.