Rosary at the Grotto

Join hundreds of Grottos (and other locations) around Ireland as we pray the Rosary each day, during the month

of May, for Life and Faith in Ireland

Daily Prayer for Protection


Lord, you promised: “If my people humble themselves, pray, seek me and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear and forgive their sins and restore them” … (2 Chronicles 7:14) 


Most Holy Trinity, in Jesus, the Only Begotten Son, You revealed Yourself as the fount of life and unfathomable source of Divine Mercy, who listens to Your People. We the people of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and our Isles, ask you to heed us amid this global pandemic of the Coronavirus that we struggle to bear. 


Father God we entrust ourselves into your Divine Mercy, through Our Lady, Mother of Mercy and Her Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, through St. Michael and the Archangels, St. Joseph, and all our nations’ Saints and Martyrs. 


Merciful Jesus, hold out Your Healing Hand to rescue and safeguard us from this disease, and turn our nations and our souls to You as our Saviour. We ask this for our sick, elderly and vulnerable, for families with young children, for our destitute and those suffering poor mental health. 


Our Nations have forgotten You and sinned against You. We confess our sins with the Prophet Daniel: “Lord, we have sinned against you, we have acted wickedly, betrayed your commandments and turned from them. 


Integrity is yours; ours the look of shame because of the sins we carry. Listen to us, open Your eyes and see our plight. We do not rely on our own works but on Your mercy as we commend our humble plea to you. 


Lord, listen, forgive and act! For your own sake do not delay, because we, Your people, bear your name. God Our Father, all forgiving and gentle, we implore your mercy, intervention and healing. 


Through JESUS CHRIST our Lord in the power of the Most Precious Blood. Amen.

Dear Rosary Friends,  


In this current time of social distancing and social isolating it is very important that we continue to pray for Life & Faith in Ireland.


This year we are proposing something a little different for Rosary at the Grottos.


1. Would you be able to create a MAY ALTAR in your home?  Wouldn't it be lovely to venerate Our Lady in some special way in your homes during the month of May?  We would love to see pictures if you can email them in to us.


2. Can you join us each evening live at 9pm on Radio Maria Ireland for ROSARY FOR IRELAND?


Radio Maria Ireland can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Online through

  • Download the Radio Maria IRELAND App to your Smartphone or Tablet

  • Listen live via Facebook

  • Call 01 437 3277 and listen live

  • Listen through your TV on Saorview channel 210

Please do let your elderly friends,neighbours, patients in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. know about the Rosary on Radio Maria each evening at 9pm.  Many of our elderly don't know they can access Radio Maria through their TVs.  We are finding that the daily Rosary is a great comfort for them at this time.


Remember - don't worry and do not be afraid!  Just focus on loving the Lord more and more, and He will look after you.  As St Paul told us:  "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him.(Roms 8, 28)


Let's get Ireland praying the Rosary again.


God bless you all,

The Coastal Rosary Team