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Rosary for Life and Faith is an exercise of public worship in which people gather at the coasts of Ireland and in many other locations both in Ireland and around the world to pray.


  1. The Rosary for Life and Faith Team and local organisers do not provide insurance for participants taking part in the Prayer therefore, each participant is responsible for their own safety. Participants are advised not to stand too near the water / pier edge/ harbour edge/ cliff edge, stones etc...

  2. The Rosary for Life and Faith Team and local organisers do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to property or possessions of any participant.

  3. Children under the age of 18, are the responsibility of their parent(s) / legal guardian(s).

  4. The Rosary for Life and Faith Team and local organisers are not responsible for travel to and from the locations. 

  5. It is the Responsibility of all Rosary goers to be mindful of public order and have respect for property

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